Students are one of the largest voting blocks and have the power to decide the next leaders. But our vote will also decide on whether college is affordable. Whether students basic needs are being met. Are we getting mental health support on campus? Are we getting help to address food insecurity? 

This election isn’t just about the candidates. It’s about you, your vote, and your power to create a better future.

Make a plan on how you’ll vote in the 2022 election (you don’t have to wait until November 8)!

If you build a plan or commit to urging three friends to vote on November 8th, we will enter you into a drawing to win a $5,000 scholarship or one of 50 $100 gift cards. To enter the drawing is simple:

1. Download and print out the plan. Then fill it out
2. Take a selfie with your plan
3. Enter your name, contact information, and upload your selfie on the right-hand side of this page and hit submit.

You will then be entered into the drawing. We will announce half of the winners on October 20 and the other half on November 7th. The grant prize will be awarded on Nov 7th! Must be a Minnesota college or university student to be eligible.


1,105 so far. Help us get to 2,000