Urge the Minnesota Legislature to invest in our community and technical college students!

We know that education is the road to a better life. Yet the cost of that education is too high for many Minnesotans. In fact, Minnesota has the 6th highest community and technical college tuition and fees in the nation.

Everyone should have the opportunity to complete 2- Or 4-year public college education without ending up in huge debt.

We need legislators to invest in our students by supporting efforts to reduce tuition and make it free for low and middle income students, support students' basic needs, and support holistic advising for students.

Dear State Policymaker,

Minnesota has been a great place to live, work, and raise a family because we have one of the most highly educated workforces in the country.

Our future is being threatened because it is too expensive for Minnesotans to pursue an education after high school. Everyone should have the opportunity to complete a two public college without ending up with huge debt. No one ever said getting ahead would be easy, but burdensome debt from loans make it needlessly hard for many young people. We need to reduce the burden of student loan debt and make it easier for students to work hard toward pursuing their dreams and achieving financial security and peace of mind.

It is time to make a real investment in Minnesota's community and technical colleges.